Posted on Di 12 Januar 2010

26c3 is over and we had quite some experiments going on. Not everything went good, but we learned a lot:

  • babel did not survive the hack-center.
  • ahcp did survive.
  • measurement needs to be improved

That does not sound much, but i think it's valuable information as we can now concentrate on some things and forget the other.

Openimp did not run good, it had a memory leak we got not fixed during 26c3, so the router kept rebooting after a few minutes.
Babel also hat real trouble, it ate up a lot of cpu and memory, it felt like olsr 3 years ago.
A few harddrives did not survive the heat of colo, so a part of the topology data are maybe lost.
Firmware building and development did work quite good, but could be better, that was mainly my verpeilung, there is room for improvement.

I will continiue the tests in my local mesh neighbourhood without babel and without ipv4 based olsr, so expect more firmware builds soon.