Posted on Mo 23 Juni 2008

Founding hackerspaces might become a hobby, as i just took part in the founding 2 hackerspaces.

The first on was on thursday, the founding of the sublab, a hackerspace in leipzig in the Westwerk.

Good feeling, a bunch of about 30 young motivated people from many different groups in leipzig. Some were surprised about the the good feedback after publishing the idea of a hackerspace, as leipzig is a rather small town.

Founding  groups are chaostreff leipzig, Freifunk Leipzig, Leipziger Kamera, the wikipedia people, the linux user group, Open Source Drone Crew Leipzig, the group against data retention and they are getting more.

Some older pictures of  hard working people: and on flickr, more groups are interested and coming.

After a short visit to the Mitgliederversammlung of c-base e.V. on friday, i went to hamburg to the ccc hamburg, to the next founding of a Hackerspace.

After thinning out a list of more than 50 potential names, it got the name Attraktor e.V., which is the german word for attractor, to relate to the chaostheory.

Founded by 10 members of the ccc hamburg and a member of ssdev e.V., they want to rent a room for many groups in hamburg to collaborate, talks have been done with AK Voratsdatenspeicherung.

The executive board consists of 3 ccc members, one lockpicker and one "free" member.

Good luck for both, there is a lot of work to do.


attraktor is finally online.