chaos communication congress

The 25th chaos communication congress is coming and the wireless community will be there. This time, we got a nice cosy space in the famous hackcenter, in the Wireless corner.

We will be right next to other interesting project like:

More on the floorplan.

We are going to build a ipv6 only mesh using siit to transport translated ipv4 traffic.

So, preparation are happening all over, even if you can see them only if you have a very close look:

Jow is fixing tickets and enhancing the openwrt luci framework to make sure we have a good start into the experiment.

Meanwhile, Daniel is working hard on our BGP routers to make sure we get a direct routing for the freifunk PI network into the 25c3. As you can see, our RIPE entry has been updated to enable routing to and from AS249, the congress network.

Felix has ported the siit kernel module to kernel 2.6 and commited.

Lehox and friends are working hard on n2n to get at least the worst bugs fixed, as we are going to use it as the backup vpn to our other BGP routers.

There is still a lot to do, but it looks like we are on a good way.

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