Getting a fonera 2.0 and an arduino board at the same day left me with the choice, which toy to play first. As i already have a lot of devices running OpenWrt, just flashing a OpenWrt kamikaze on it was not so interesting.

While sitting together with Steph, we got the idea of connecting an LCD to it and to use the arduino for it.

Getting ssh access was easy, but the firmware was said to be totally outdated, it did not even finds its packet repository. Got new firmware, tried to flash it via the webinterface, it failed. I don’t believe in webinterfaces anyway, so i did it with mtd, which worked and took an endless amount of time, this serial flash really sucks when it comes to speed as the firmwareimage is bigger than 4MB.

As the fonera firmware does not contain a kernelmodule to support the FTDI USB serial chip on the arduino, i compiled the source, copied the kernelmodule over, loaded it and after connecting the arduino to the usb hub, i got an ttyUSB0.

Meanwhile, Steph put the hardware together, so a very simple oneliner did the job of displaying the number of associated clients per network:

echo "Fon: "`grep macaddr /proc/net/madwifi/ath0/associated_sta|wc -l `" Priv: "`grep macaddr /proc/net/madwifi/ath1/associated_sta|wc -l `>/dev/ttyUSB0

Picture of Arduino, LCD and a Fonera 2.0

Picture of Arduino, LCD and a Fonera 2.0

Sure, using a communication protocoll to the arduino for displaying several things is the way to go, and an arduino board ist totally oversized for this task, but it was fun anyway to hack it together quickly .

Could also be used to display neighbour metrics and protocoll information in a freifunk mesh, or whatever.

Firmware image with stty and FTDI driver and packages are on bastel.

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  2. Keksdosenmann says:

    I love this Arduino-Stuff, too. It’s amazing how easy you can programm with this device. I plan to connect some stuff with the built in i2c bus on my Alix – Board an a microcontroller at the bus.

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  4. binnary says:

    I’ve trying to comunicate the arduino and the fonera (first version) using the Serial port, but I’ve only be able to transmit serial data form the fonera to the arduino using the /dev/ttyS0… any clue for making it the other way? Sending data form the arduino to the fonera using the serial communication?

    Thanks in advance!

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