I did life in k:ita as part of the networkteam.

Now i am a Pirate and Wireless Guy in Berlin Friedrichshain, playing with Wireless Mesh Networks, Liquid Democracy, IPv6 and are part of the famous Crew Seetiger.

Update: The great time of the Seetiger is over, elections are over and i am now elected Member of the Parliament of Berlin.

2nd Update: My time as MP is over, now i do Cloud&infrastructure Operations. And have a big Family.

How to contact me:

2 Responses to About

  1. Hackbard23 aka Illuminat23 says:

    ich habe da eine Frage und zwar machst du auch support beim LQFB Live System oder kannst mir da jemanden vermitteln? Habe da ein großes Problem mit der Anmeldung.

    Grüße Hackbard23

  2. alx says:

    hilfe findest du unter support@lqfb.piratenpartei.de

    Gruß, Alex

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